What Is FSC Certified And What Does It Mean For The Environment?

We often see all these different logos on products that we are buying and wonder what does that mean and how does it affect me and the environment? Below you can find out about FSC Certified and find out what it means for the environment and how you can benefit from it.

FSC Certified

What Is FSC Certified?

FSC is a global known system that allows consumers to identify which woods and papers have come from well-managed forests or have come from recycled materials. Whenever you see the FSC logo on products, you can be rest assured that the item you are buying is helping to ensure our forests will be alive and well for years to come.

Why Should You Choose FSC?

When you buy products with the FSC logo, you are playing a big part in helping protecting the planet we live in. Forests are managed responsibly, which means that trees are replaced after being harvested allowing areas to regenerate naturally.

Not only does FSC benefit trees, but it also benefits people too. With FSC in place, this protects the rights of indigenous people. If they have sites that they are living in or using, these areas are exempt from felling. As well as protecting the rights of indigenous people, FSC makes sure that the forest owner uses local workers to carry out the work. They are also required to provide health and safety, fair wages and training.

Photo by: Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash

How can you benefit from FSC?

FSC can benefit you and your company in so many ways. Not only are you benefiting by knowing that going FSC you are helping to preserve out planets forests but you are ensuring the rights of so many workers around the world. Promoting a more sustainable future is so important as it will allow generations to come to be able to enjoy our forests.

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