The favourites from my stationery collection

There is nothing more satisfying than owning beautiful stationery. Writing in a notebook that is amazing quality, wrapping a gift with matching gift tags or writing in the perfect card. I absolutely love stationery and I know you do too which is why I am here today to let you know the favourites from my stationery range!

A treat for you and your home office

A5 Horse lined notebook

My horse notebook is an absolutely must if you are an equine fan! Featuring the nation’s most popular horse breeds and inspired by the New Forest national park, this notebook is sure to please every horse and nature lover. This design features black Friesan’s, Mustangs, Andalusian’s and Haflinger horses galloping and enjoying the forest with little hints of lavender and leaves.

My notebooks are made from the finest boards and papers. This makes them weighty, beautiful to look at and easy to use. Perfect for writing down your ideas, thoughts and creations. My books are made in the UK and all of the materials used to make them are sourced from sustainable forests making them 100% eco-friendly. I only use the very best materials so rest assured you’re getting a really good notebook!

Gifting just got easier

Labrador wrapping paper

Two of my favourite things combined in one. I absolutely love Labradors and making a gift look extra special so making wrapping paper with one of my favourite patterns on it was a natural move for me. Made from weighty non-coated paper sourced from sustainable forests, this paper is completely eco-friendly and makes your gifts look amazing! If you are not a keen present wrapper or don’t have the time to wrap yourself then you can always choose my gift wrapping service at checkout. Give the responsibility to me where I can add special touches like adding jute ribbon and gift tags.

… and matching tags!

If you love my wrapping paper then you are going to like my matching gift tags. Featuring Chocolate, Black, Golden and Fox Red Labradors. Great for really tailoring your gift to your friend or families pet.

The perfect card

Happy birthday horse card

I absolutely love my new horse birthday card! Combining the nation’s favourite breeds and a special event was a goal for me to achieve this spring. You can grab this card on it’s own or as a part of the Horse Notebook gift set.

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I have shown you my favourites, now I would love to know what yours are! Let me know in the comments below.

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