British Wildlife Inspired Eco-Friendly Textiles and Gifts

Wildlife Inspired Illustrations

Inspired by the wonderful wildlife we have in the UK and using colour palettes inspired by nature, I have created a range of patterns and illustrations that reflect the beauty that surrounds us in Great Britain.

Eco Friendly Textiles

Everything that I produce is eco-friendly including my fabrics, papers and even my packaging and branding! It is my mission to do everything that I can to help the planet.

Made in the UK

All of my British wildlife and nature inspired designs are created in my studio in Brighton and are then sent off to be printed by trusted UK eco-friendly printers and manufacturers.




Pre-Order my Woodland Tote Bag

Pre-order my eco-friendly tote bag, featuring my cute Woodland Pattern and get it as soon as it arrives at my studio on the 23rd of September!

Samantha Loves