About me


Hi there! I am Samantha and I live in Worthing on the south coast of England. Nestled between the South Downs national park and the sea, inspiration comes in from everywhere. I live here with my husband where we love to hike, adventure and of course a good pub lunch! Who doesn’t?

The Story

Ever since I was small, I have loved to create and design. I loved to paint and draw when I was young. Many summers were spent creating while I was camping in France by the fireside with my parents. Once I was big enough to go to university, I went to the Manchester School of Art and got a degree in Printed Textiles. After university, me and my husband moved to Brighton and we started our new Southern adventure! I started my career as a Visual Merchandiser and I really enjoyed creating shop displays but there was always this itch to design patterns and to paint. One day I took the leap (my husband was a bit scared!) and I started my own business. I love that I get to do what I love everyday and the fact that I also get to bring adventure and creativity to others lives is just the icing on the cake.

The Art

I have always been in love with the traditional methods of painting. One of my favourite types of paint to use is watercolours. I love to layer and how delicate my art can be by using this type of medium.  Once I have created motifs ready for pattern design, I then scan everything in and use Adobe Photoshop to create my patterns. This is my favourite part of the process as I get to unleash my style.
My passions that influence my work include the great outdoors, amazing wildlife we have in the UK and around the world and adventures I have embarked on. I love to do collections based on places I have been to. I have been traveling across Canada, one of my favourite places I have ever been to, which is why you see a lot of Moose and Bears in my work!
Obviously (you may have noticed) one of my other great passions is dogs. Growing up, I have always lived with Labradors, so naturally they have always been a big inspiration in my work. Dogs, to me, are more than a best friend, they are family. As I am an only child, growing up with a dog, it was like having a little brother to play with!

Building a Greener Business

A big part of the business which is a core value of mine, is to make ‘green’ decisions. I understand not every business can be 100% eco-friendly but I want to be 99.9%.
Like David Attenbourough said, “If we can all do a little bit, that’s better than just one person going in at 100%”.
With everything I do, I try not to use plastic or harsh chemicals. This could be in the packaging I use, the components that make up fabric or with branding and general office equipment.
WIth regards to how I get my products made, I use local manufacturers within the UK. This can be big factories or small thriving little businesses. I love to support local and manufacturing in the UK.