About Samantha

I am Sam the textiles designer and founder behind the eco-friendly brand Samantha Hall Designs. Born and raised in Cheshire, I have been surrounded by nature and the stunning English countryside from a young age. Since graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University, I became a textiles designer where I combined my love for pattern design and the amazing nature of the UK to create collections that everybody loves.

While creating my collections, I found out that a part of the textiles industry is not eco-friendly, using materials that are not natural, and that harm the planet. Therefore, I have made it my mission to make sure that all of the fabrics, dyes, and packaging that I use is natural and sustainable. I also use British manufacturers to reduce my carbon footprint and support other local businesses. I believe that if I can do my part to help the environment then it’s one more step in the right direction!

All of my artwork and patterns are designed in my studio in the amazing city of Brighton. With the South Downs National Park on one side and the sea on the other, inspiration comes in from every direction. My collections use a natural colour palette, complimenting my surroundings and the wildlife I include in my work.

If you are looking for giftware, fabrics and homewares that are eco-friendly, produced locally and feature amazing British wildlife then I hope you will enjoy my work!