My Top 5 Pencil Case Essentials

My Top 5 Pencil Case Essentials

When it comes to staying organised and prepared, having the right essentials in your pencil case can make all the difference. Having a good pencil, rubber, fine liner, a good paint brush and accessories is definitely a great baseline as an artist!

Here are my top 5 pencil case essentials that I cannot live without:

1. OHTO Sharp Pencil

Mechanical pencils are a must-have for any pencil case. They eliminate the need for sharpening and provide a consistent line width. The OHTO pencil is a classic piece of Japanese stationery and makes drawing effortless. Make sure to stock up on extra lead to avoid running out during important tasks.

2. Pentel Water Brushes 

These fabulous brushes are fantastic for painting with watercolours. They come with a compartment which you top up with water which means your paint never dries out and you get consistent wet marks. Once I started using these, I never went back to traditional brushes!

3. Pilot 5 Black Ink Fine Liner

This amazing Japanese black ink fine liner is one of my favourite pens for creating outlines and fine detail. I got this from a stationery shop in Stockholm and I am so glad I took a chance on it! It is great for precision and for making the drawing experience exciting and beautiful. 

4. Winsor & Newton Putty Rubber

Having a good quality eraser is crucial for fixing mistakes and keeping your work neat. I have always found using a good putty rubber is a great addition to my pencil case. You can knead them to a point and certain shapes to erase fine lines and marks. Perfect for precision!

5. Midori Dachshund D-Clips

These are perhaps not an essential but I find them very useful and very cute at the same time! Midori paper clips are perfect for any animal lover. They are perfect for adding to your pencil case and are there for you for when the occasion arises. You can get them in different dog breeds, cats, birds and much more.

The Pencil Case

Horse pencil case
I have given you the essentials for your pencil case, but now I want to let you know about the pencil case I use to store all of my lovely pieces in! 
I may be bias but my favourite pencil case that I sell is the Horse pencil case. This print is one of my favourites as it is full of colour, has horses (I love them) and it reminds me of the beautiful outdoors.
This pencil case is the perfect size for carrying your essentials and can be neatly tucked away in your bag. It makes the perfect gift for a horse lover who loves their stationery! I know the pencil case has gone to many lovely homes where equestrian lovers can enjoy a little piece of the New Forest National Park on their desk.
Click the link to see my range of beautiful pencil cases. The perfect gift for any stationery lover!
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