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Horse wheat bag

Horse wheat bag

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Key Information

- 50% Cotton linen 50% Cotton Velvet.
- Size: 20x12cm.
- Green velvet back.
- Filler is wheat.
- Do not microwave at a high heat for longer than 2 minutes.
- Can be wiped clean.

Relax and unwind with my Horse wheat bag. My much loved pattern which features Haflingers, Andalusians, Black Friesians and Mustang horses is now available on this luxurious heat pack.

Do you have sore aching muscles? Do you need something to cosy up to? Then this wheat bag is perfect for you. Simply heat up your wheat bag up in the microwave for 2 minutes 500W - 1000W and place on areas of discomfort. Great for period pains and aching muscles. You can also treat it like a hot water bottle and cosy up with it on the sofa or you can put it in your bed. A little bag of happiness!

Please note - Due to how each wheat bag is cut out of the fabric, the pattern may appear slightly different to the photo shown

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